Fashion is freedom, personality and desire to express themselves. Every style of the 3JUIN collection perfectly reflects care and refinement with sophisticated lines and bold silhouettes.

ILLUMINATING is the key word for the winter season.
A perfect mix of dazzling colors and bright tones that range from purple to pink and from green to turquoise.

Bright flashes and mirror finishings that reflect the light by multiplying its power.
Relentless research of the materials and shapes that match with functionality and versatility standards.

Options that pay attention to day-to-day life, not lacking appeal or neglecting stylistic innovation and uniqueness.
AMBRA ash amethyst
AMBRA ash bisquit
AMBRA ash black
AMBRA ash green
AMBRA ash milk
AMBRA ash turquoise
IARA ash milk
IARA ash turquoise
VICTORIA patent black
AMBRA patent black
ASIA vegas black
ISCHIA vegas black
BERRY bio black
BAHIA vegas fuxia
BAHIA vegas purple
BAHIA  vegas sky
KIMI vegas fuxia
KIMI vegas emerald
KIMI vegas sky
KIMI vegas desert
KIMI vegas purple
ISCHIA vegas emerald
CLOE lord amethyst
CLOE lord green
CLOE lord turquoise
INDIA paper green
INDIA paper black
INDIA paper amethyst
LIDIA ash milk
LIDIA paper amethyst
LIDIA paper green
LIDIA paper turquoise
BEA ash black
BEA ash bisquit
BEA ash amethyst
LILY ash amethyst
LILY ash bisquit
ORCHID ash green
LILY velvet amethyst
LILY velvet flamingo
ORCHID velvet turquoise
GIGLIO velvet amethyst
GIGLIO velvet black
IBIZA lord amethyst
IBIZA lord green
VIOLA lord turquoise
VIOLA fire nut
VIOLA lord black
VIOLA city black
VIOLA city green
VERA lord black
VERA city amethyst
VERA city black
GIN lord bisquit
GIN fire nut
GIN city black
GIN city turquoise
BRENDA lord black
BRENDA lord ivory
BRENDA fire bisquit
DEDE lord black
DEDE lord ivory
DEDE fire bisquit
TOKIO fire bisquit
TOKIO lord bisquit
TOKIO lord black
SOFIA lord black
SOFIA lord ivory
LUNA city amethyst
LUNA lord black
LUNA lord ivory
SVEVA lord black
SVEVA city turquoise
SVEVA lord ivory
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